Agreement On Subsidies And Countervailing Measures Deutsch

Evidence of the subsidy and injury is considered simultaneously, (a) in the decision whether or not to initiate an investigation, and (b) subsequently, during the course of the investigation, at the latest at a time when interim measures may be applied in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. the remittance or reimbursement of import duties (2) that go beyond the import duties collected during the manufacture of the exported product (normal supply of waste); however, provided that, in some cases, a company can use an amount of domestic intermediate consumption equivalent to imported inputs as a substitute for these services and which are the same characteristics to benefit from this provision if the import and corresponding export operations take place within a reasonable two-year period. This position is considered a Schedule III export subsidy, in accordance with the guidelines for intermediate consumption in the Schedule II production process and the guidelines for determining alternative ris cation systems. The authorities give all interested members and interested parties the opportunity, in due course, to consult all relevant information for the presentation of their cases, which are not confidential within the meaning of paragraph 4 and which are used by the authorities to conduct an investigation into countervailing duties, and to prepare submissions on the basis of this information. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2, the final countervailing duty is terminated no later than five years after its institution (or on the date of the most recent review in paragraph 2, where the review covered both subsidies and prejudice, or under this paragraph), unless the authorities establish , with respect to themselves or on the properly reasoned request or on behalf of the national paragraph or on behalf of the national paragraph, within a reasonable period of time before that date, that the expiry of the tariff would likely lead to the continuation or reappearance of subsidies and prejudice. The obligation may remain in effect until the outcome of such a review. Members take all necessary measures to ensure that the institution of a countervailing duty (35) on a product of the territory of one Member State imported into the territory of another Member is in accordance with the provisions of Article VI of the 1994 GATT and the provisions of this agreement. Countervailing duties can only be levied on the basis of open investigations (36) carried out in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the agreement on agriculture. specific subsidies within the meaning of Article 2, but which meet all the conditions covered in paragraphs 2, points (a), 2 (b) or 2, point c). 6.

The deadlines covered by this article may be extended by mutual agreement. A member may neither grant nor maintain the grants covered by paragraph 1. Paragraph (e) is not intended to prevent a member from taking measures to avoid double taxation of income from foreign sources collected by his or her companies or by another member`s businesses.