Sample Hong Kong Employment Agreement

A written employment contract reminds employers and workers of their obligations, avoids potential litigation and clearly outlines the rights and benefits of both parties. To help employers and workers draft written employment contracts, the Ministry of Labour has developed a standard employment contract for their reference. On the other hand, depending on the sector, we can also cover, in the event of termination of employment, the following: before the dismissal of a worker, the employer should review the employment contract, there are key elements to be taken into account, including notice, seniority, severance pay, benefits and the question of whether a collective agreement that would help determine the timing and costs of dismissal. The sample covers the most important rights and protection enjoyed by workers under OPs. Learn more about these rights (for example. B their eligibility criteria), please consult the EO or the Ministry of Labour`s “A Restricted Guide to Labour Regulations” brochure or check the following web pages: In the event of dismissal, it is imperative to comply with local laws and verify the employment contract to avoid damage. These types of contracts are managed by an employment agency or hiring office. The duration of the contract depends on the employer`s request and availability, as these types of workers work on a temporary basis. It is the Agency`s exclusive responsibility to ensure that workers` rights are protected. Sick leave and other benefits are paid by the employer to the Agency on behalf of the worker. In accordance with Section 49A of the Works Regulations, the following items must be properly identified for at least 12 months. It also gives us an idea of what should have been clearly stated in the original employment contract: the employment contract is a contract in which the company hires an employee. It outlines the employment provisions and aspects.

It is also called casual contracts, i.e. a worker only works when required by the employer. The worker is not required to accept a job offered to him and the employer is not required to provide the worker with fixed hours. Casual workers are entitled to the same annual leave as permanent workers. In addition, they can also look for work elsewhere. An employment contract is a legally bound document between a company or employer and an employee at the time of hiring. It defines the nature of the work and defines both the rights and responsibilities of both parties. It generally includes salary or wages, hours, length of employment, confidentiality, communication, benefits and future competition.

Other conditions, such as a property agreement, information on the settlement of the dispute, qualifications on where the worker can work after leaving the company, can be included. Referring to the typical contract of the Ministry of Labour, we can also cover the following issues in the employment contract in order to protect the interests of workers and the employer: contracts may vary from one position to another, workers are generally considered self-employed, which means that all taxes granted by the state must be paid by the worker. , if any. Salary may be based on firm work or projects, including a start and end date, i.e. the contract ends after the conclusion.