Transgrid Network Operating Agreement

The 50MW battery is capable of producing 75MW and according to the Infigen agreement will manage the battery system for a period of 10 years after its commissioning. Infigen, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, has signed an agreement with TransGrid to operate the 50 MW Wallgrove Network Battery in New South Wales, Australia. TransGrid manages the strength of its network through a structured approach to risk assessment. For network safety, bushfires and reliability, which includes the use of formal safety assessments. They identify credible hazards, verify and carry out all reasonable controls of best practices, and monitor implementation and effectiveness through continuous monitoring and monitoring. The key to implementing these controls is the ISO 55001 certified asset management system. Future risks, such as the possibility of altering extreme weather events. B are assessed as part of the evolution of the longer-term strategy. In addition, TransGrid provides a business continuity management framework to assess and control risks related to service outages, computer system failures and other threats. TransGrid manages and pays for battery maintenance on the Wallgrove network. Iberdrola said: “The Wallgrove Battery will strengthen the grid and the stability of the energy supply system in this state.” The TransGrid network connects NSW to Queensland and Victoria and forms the backbone of the NEM. It consists of 110 substations and more than 13,000 km of high voltage lines, land cables and interconnection lines. Infigen pays a tax to TransGrid for the use of Wallgrove Grid Battery and is responsible for the costs of distributing and purchasing energy.

The hybrid project, which will be built at a total cost of AUD 500 million ($361 million), will create nearly 200 jobs during the construction phase. Infigen already has a 25 MW battery located at the Lake Bonney wind farm in Virginia. In 2019, TransGrid has studied a series of innovation initiatives, including the use of Smart Wires technology, batteries and drones. Britishvolt builds $2.6 billion gigafactory battery in Blyth, UK By running the battery, Infigen is expected to expand its backup portfolio and significantly increase its renewable energy capacity. Doosan builds 100 MW of energy storage in Australia. TransGrid`s investment in the battery project is supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the ARENA Renewable Energy Promotion Programme and the New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE). As the operator of the battery system, Infigen will have dispatch control over the system and will receive all cash market revenues related to its operation. The solar-electric hybrid wind project includes 210 MW of wind and 107 MW of solar power and is expected to be commissioned next year. More recently, Iberdrola has launched the construction of a 317 MW hybrid solar wind project in Port Augusta, southern Australia. The Wallgrove Network Battery is expected to enter service in the second half of next year Ormat will finalize the acquisition of energy storage in Texas, USA.